Better Beat Jackson 12/07/16

  1. Basketball great Larry Bird turns 60 today…What HUGE company has a mascot named after Larry BIRD? Twitter, Popeye’s, OR PetSmart? A: Twitter

2. At yesterday’s Grammy nominations announcement Maren Morris scored four nominations making her the front-runner. On this date last year, another country artist led the country nominations with four, but wasn’t nominated at all this year. Can you name the artist known for his songs parachute and nobody to blame? A: Chris Stapleton

3. Hairspray Live airs on NBC Tonight…Country Singer and DWTS Dancer Julianne Hough’s Brother is in it…what is his name? He is also six-time champion on DWTS! Mike, Derek, or Val? A: Derek

4. Just announced yesterday Maren Morris picked up a nomination for Best New Artist of the Year at the Grammy’s…one other Country artist did too..who is it? Kelsea Ballerini, Brett Young, OR Justin Bieber? A: Kelsea Ballerini

5. True or False…While it’s called “National Lampoon’s CHRISTMAS Vacation… NONE of it actually takes place on Christmas. T or F?

TRUE: The last scene ends on Christmas Eve.