Better Beat Jackson 12/2/16

1. Tuesday night Voice Judge Miley Cyrus had a full cheerleading squad with her…she brought her mom and 1 other person..who is it? Sister, Grandma, or Boyfriend? A: Grandma
2. Wisconsin Badgers Men’s Basketball team play tomorrow again Oklahoma…they’re coming off a WIN from Tuesday night…who did they beat? Syracuse
3. Happy 33rd birthday to Jana Kramer! Before she was a country singer, Jana starred in what long-running TV series with costar Chad Michael Murray? A: One Tree Hill
4. Prince Harry recently had the chance to meet pop singer Rihanna, who is Harry’s bro? Prince William
5. Britney Spears turns 35 today…she first toured as the opening act for what bigger act?

Madonna, Backstreet Boys, OR ‘N Sync? A: ‘N Sync