Better Beat Eric from The Zone 11/18/16

1. Eric Church will help kick off the Salvation Army’s Kettle Campaign when he performs the halftime show when the Dallas Cowboys play who Thanksgiving? Washington Redskins, Pittsburgh Steelers, OR Packers? A: Washington Redskins
2. 2. Yesterday was National Unfriend Day…who started it? Keith Urban, Jimmy Kimmel, or Kelsea Ballerini? A: Jimmy Kimmel
3. James Corden recently filmed a Carpool Karaoke segment with this MATERIAL GIRL/SINGER….who is it? A: Madonna
4. Happy Birthday to Owen Wilson today…you may know his bro who is also a famous actor. What is his name? A: Luke
5. This male Country Singer made it into People magazine’s Sexiest Man issue — in the “Geeky to Gorgeous” category. Who is it? Chris Young, Blake Shelton, OR Justin Bieber? A: Blake Shelton