Better Beat Jackson 11/9/16

1. Katy Perry’s former bf just announced he and his gf had a baby! Who is it? Russell Brand, John Mayer, OR Justin Bieber?! A: Russell Brand

2. Chad Michael Murray and his wife are expecting baby number 2…what TV Show did he play the hot bball player named Lucas Scott on?! A: One Tree Hill

3. Lauren Alaina turned 22 yesterday…she was the runner up on which season of American Idol? 4, 6, or 10? A: 10

4. What actor turned singer made his Grand Ole Opry debut on this date back in 2008?
Kevin Costner, Jeff Bridges, OR Ryan Gosling? A: Kevin Costner

5. Famous Boy Band singer Nick Lachey turns 43 today!! What Boy Band was he in? A: 98 Degrees