Better Beat Jackson 11/1/16

Brad and Carrie are hosting the CMA awards tomorrow night..back for their 9th time. Which Country artist hosted the ceremony 12 times? Garth Brooks, Vince Gill, or Martina McBride?

A: Vince Gill


One Olympic Swimmer did not have a perfect Halloween Night on DWTS last night bc he was eliminated. Who was it?

A: Ryan Lochte


MIRANDA LAMBERT is launching her own record label, called Vanner Records, and the first album being released on it is . . . hers. Her double album, “The Weight Of These Wings”….which will make it her 4th album, 5th album, or sixth album?

A: 6th


Happy 44th Birthday to Jenny McCarthy today. She is married to which guy from New Kids on the Block?
Mark Wahlberg, Jonathan Knight, OR Donnie Wahlberg?

A: Donnie


Jenny McCarthy is a former cohost on which daytime talk show? The Chew, The View, or Maury?

A: The VIew