Better Beat Jackson 10/31/16

Happy 49th birthday to Vanilla Ice today…what singer did Vanilla Ice date in the ’90s?

Shania Twain, Madonna, OR Carrie Underwood?



Raelynn dressed up for Halloween over the weekend, she dressed as an egg with bacon. What did her husband dress up as? Pancake, Coffee, or Capt. America?      A: Coffee


Kenny Chesney‘s new CD came out Friday, Cosmic Hallelujah…It was supposed to be called something else before he changed it so Cosmic Hallelujah? What was it supposed to be called? Somebody Somwhere, Some Town Somewhere, OR Kenny?

A: Some Town Somewhere


CMA’s are on this week…LBT won Vocal Group of the Year last year…which group is nominated this year? Parmalee, Lady Antebellum, or The Band Perry?              A: Lady A


Carrie Underwood said she will change outfits 11 different times at the CMA’s …Carrie’s record time for a backstage change is what? 30 seconds, 40 seconds, 60 seconds?

A: 40 seconds