Better Beat Jackson 10/24/16

Brad Paisley introduced a new clothing line at Boot Barn stores on this day back in 2014…What is the clothing line called?

Moonshine Spirit, Mud on Your Shirt, OR Brad’s Duds?!
A: Moonshine Spirit

Rapper Drake turns the big Dirty Thirty today…he lent his voice to a movie in what animated franchise?
Shrek, Tangled, OR Ice Age?
A: Ice Age

Tim McGraw wrote a children’s book. What’s the name of the book?
Maggie’s First Guitar, My Little Girl, OR Faith?
A: My Little Girl
While The Chicago Cubs are going to the World Series, there’s one Country Singer whose husband, John Danks, will not be going bc he played for the Chicago WHITE SOXS…who is this Country Singer?

Cam, Ashley Monroe, OR Lady Gag?
A: Ashley Monroe


Kenny Chesney is busy celebrating his latest number-one hit as “Setting the World on Fire” featuring Pink topped the chart over the weekend.

How many #1’s does he have now? (Whoever gets closest wins)
A: 29th #1 song!