Better Beat Jackson 10/18/16

Happy birthday to NFL Hall of Famer Mike Ditka today…former Bears Coach. Speaking of the Bears, the quarterback, Jay Cutler is married to a reality tv star from the Hills..what is her name? A-Kristin Cavallari

Zac Efron turns 29 today…he starred in what Musical?! A-High School Musical

Zac Efron co-starred in what TV drama series? 7th Heaven, Summerland, OR One Tree Hill? A-Summerland

Little Big Town was inducted into the Grand Ole Opry back in 2014, What is the name of the band’s first number-one hit? “Boondocks”, “Pontoon”, “Tornado”? A-Pontoon

The boys of LoCash are celebrating their song “I Know Somebody” going to the Number 1 spot of the charts…what was LoCash previously known as? A-LoCash Cowboys