Better Beat Jackson 10/13/16

Sascha Baron Cohen, also known as Borat appeared in the video for what Madonna song? “Music”“Ray of Light”, OR “Werk”?



Brett Eldredge recently went to a Ball and tweeted a pic of he and his date…his mom, sister, or grandma?



On a new episode of “I Love Kellie Pickler”, Kellie and her husband learn how to cook from which Country Artist?

Trisha Yearwood, Kimberly Schlapman, OR Garth Brooks?

Answer-Kimberly Schlapman


This singer/actress is playing a 66-year-old on NBC’s new series This Is Us. Who is it? Jennifer Lopez, Melissa McCarthy, OR Mandy Moore?

Answer-Mandy Moore
On this day…in what year…was JOHNNY CASH elected to the Country Music Hall of Fame? Whoever is closest to the year wins.