Better Beat Chunk 10/11/16

This Celeb just married his girlfriend at the Viva Las Vegas chapel and it was officiated by ELVIS..who is it? Drake, Shia LaBeouf, OR Justin Bieber?

A: Shia LaBeouf


The Nominees for the American Music Awards Have Been Announced, who beat Adele with 7 nominations? Rihanna, Beyonce, OR Taylor Swift?



Tucker Beathard gave Dierks what as a THANK YOU gift? Hockey stick, duct tape, OR guitar?

A: Duct Tape


Which Spice girl just announced she is pregnant?! Baby Spice, Scary Spice, OR Ginger Spice?

A: Ginger Spice


REBA MCENTIRE’s mom . . . Mrs. Jacqueline Smith McEntire . . . was given an Honorary Bachelor Degree in Public Education and Community Service from Southeastern Oklahoma State University. How old is she? 79, 85, 89?

A: 89