Better Beat Jackson 10/10/16

Happy birthday to race car driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. How old is he today…40, 42, or 44?
A: 42

Mario Lopez celebrates his 43rd birthday today. He was a regular on what soap opera?
General Hospital, The Young and the Restless, OR The Bold and the Beautiful?
A: The Bold and the Beautiful

Back in August, one-half of Dan and Shay, popped the question to his girlfriend Hannah, Now, they have yet another huge announcement…they’re gonna have a baby! Which one is it from Dan or Shay?

A: Shay
Acc. To reports, Luke Bryan played his show in Greenback, Tennessee last Thursday night with his arm in a sling after bc he broke his collar bone..How did he break it? In a biking accident, shakin his booty, car accident?
A: Biking accident
Just announced, THIS Country singer will ring in 2017 in Nashville as the headliner of the city’s New Year’s Eve celebration. Keith Urban, Kelsea Ballerini, OR Ariana Grande?
A: Keith Urban