Better Beat Jackson 10/6/16

Susan Sarandon celebrated her bday Monday…how old did she turn?                  63, 65, or 70?

Answer: 70


Alicia Silverstone turned 40 Monday…what was the name of the girl she played in the movie Clueless?                  Stacy, Cher, or Brittany?

Answer: Cher


Jake Owen recently said he was loving his first day home off the road… SpongeBob, Lucky Charms, Play Doh, playing princess, and reading stories. #dadlife. What’s his little girls name?             Olivia, Ella, or Pearl?



Vince Gill was inducted into the Tennessee Golf Hall of Fame. Which of the following artists grew up caddying at the Masters? Jake Owen, Charles Kelley, OR Dustin Lynch?

ANSWER: Charles Kelley


Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte has a new endorsement deal for a hangover cure…what else is he still endorsing? Body cream, cough drops, OR liquor?

ANSWER: Cough Drops