Better Beat Jackson 9/29/16

For the 1st time in 10 years, Jerry Seinfeld isn’t the highest paid comedian in the world…he finished second. Who finished in first place? Amy Schumer or Kevin Hart?

ANSWER: Kevin Hart


Amber Rose is on this Season of DWTS and is worth 8 million dollars…she dated Wiz Khalifa and which other Famous Rapper?

Jay Z, Drake, OR Kanye West?

ANSWER: Kanye West


Who is the MOST dangerous Celeb to search on the internet? Justin Bieber, Amy Schumer, OR Miley Cyrus?

ANSWER: Amy Schumer


Which pop princess wants to dip her toes into the country waters if the opportunity presents itself? Ariana Grande OR Beyonce?

ANSWER: Ariana Grande


Florida Georgia Line and Dierks Bentley have designed T-shirts to honor their favorite NFL teams. FGL will be showing support for their Tennessee Titans, while Dierks will show his support for which team? Arizona Cardinals OR Carolina Panthers?

ANSWER: Arizona Cardinals