Better Beat Alice in Dairy Land

At a concert, Eddie Montgomery collapsed, he’s half of what Country Duo?

ANSWER: Montgomery Gentry


Neil Patrick Harris just took himself out of the running to be Kelly Rippa’s new Co Host on LIVE, his last and one of his most famous roles was as Barney Stinson on what sitcom?

ANSWER: How I Met Your Mother


Brad and Angelina are getting divorced and have to split their stuff up, how much are they worth together? (Closest gets the point)

ANSWER: $400 Million


A list of the top 10 cereal’s just came out, was number 1 Captain Crunch, Quisp, OR Cinnamon Toast Crunch?



Recent Bachelorette JoJo and Jordan Rodgers have said they would not be opposed to getting married on TV, who is Jordan’s much more talented older brother?

ANSWER: Aaron Rodgers