Better Beat Jackson 9/23/16

Weekend is upon us, which booze is best to drink to avoid a hangover?

Vodka OR Tequila?

ANSWER: Tequila


On this date last year, Thomas Rhett attempted to break a world record with his fans. What world record did he try to break?

World’s largest sing-along OR World’s largest game of twister?

ANSWER: World’s largest game of twister


Faith Hill turned 49 on Wednesday, she was a last minute replacement for a superstar who was scheduled to sing at the Oscars in 2000. Who did she replace?

Aretha Franklin OR Whitney Houston?

ANSWER: Whitney Houston


The average American is willing to wait 4 minutes for this?

Cup of Coffee OR Fast Food?

ANSWER: Cup of Coffee


THIS is the most photographed food in American, according to Snapchat?

Sushi, steak, OR Pizza?