Better Beat Jackson 8/23/16

What’s the TOP excuse men use when they’re cheating on their significant other?

A. I’m playing golf

B. I’m going to the gym

Answer: I’m playing golf


2. Parents are spending an average of how much money to send each kid back to school this year?

Answer: $245


3. Maren Morris will be performing on an episode of CMT Crossroads with which Pop Singer?

A. Adele

B. Britney Spears

C. Alicia Keys

Answer: Alicia Keys


4. True OR False: Jason Aldean has two daughters and he wants them to pick the outdoors over technology?

Answer: True


5. Dan and Shay say their song “From the Ground Up” was inspired by their Grandparents, Girlfriends, OR Parents?

Answer: Grandparents