Better Beat Jackson & Ashley’s Text Trivia 6-6-16

Dixie Chicks are back touring in the US and when they perform their song GOODBYE EARL whose pictures appears on the big Screen behind them with Devil horns
Donald Trump?  George W Bush? or Paul Ryan
 Thomas Rhett posted a picture of himself doing this summertime thing over the weekend?
Eating a Popcicle? Grilling out?  At a Watepark? 

 Grilling out

Taylor Swift Crashed a fans wedding and Sang “blank Space” was the fan the bride or groom?


Somebody hacked the Twitter accounts of KELLIE PICKLER and This country artist.. who else got hacked?

KIP MOORE?  Or BRETT ELDRIDGE??   Brett the hacker posted nasty slurs


Kiwis were originally called

 Chinese gooseberries  -Italian Gooseberries – Egyptian Gooseberries


Ashley’s Text Trivia: Hooters the Restaurant got its name from this celebrity…STEVE MARTIN