Better Beat Jackson & Ashley’s Text Trivia 6-2-16

  1. ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGERwas just recently chased by this animal?


was on safari in South Africa recently when an elephant charged his vehicle.They were able to drive away just as the elephant started chasing after them, but it was a close call.  He posted video on YouTube.

2.A fan was singing so hard at one of his favorite artists concerts that HIS LUNG collapsed?

Hes OKAY now but whose concert was he at?

Mirandas?  Carrie Underwood?  Beyonce?

3.  Ketchup was originally made in the United States with what main Ingredient?

Carrots? Potatos? mushrooms>?

MUSHROOMS That lasted until the early 1800s,

4. have we ever had a Native American President or Vice President? Yes or NO? YESSSS

we HAVE had a Native American vice president.  Charles Curtis was Herbert Hoover’s vice president, and he was a member of the Kaw tribe.

5. A new survey found the five reasons we won’t get rid of stuff, even if we NEVER use it.    What is the NUMBER 1 reason we hold on to stuff?

might need it one day.”

Sentimental reasons.

Hanging onto it to sell it.

(i might need it one day)

Ashley’s Text Trivia

27% of us spend at least two hours a week doing this around our house…. looking around the house for stuff we can’t find!.