Better Beat Jackson & Ashley’s Text Trivia 6-1-16

What is the Average height in the NBA??

1.  The average height in the NBA has only gone up about four inches since the league started in the late ’40s.  It started at 6-foot-3, and now it’s 6-foot-7.

2. “Sushi” means what in Japanese??
“sour rice”  “rice roll”   “fish rice”
3.   A new survey found that this percent of  Americans think prostitution should be legal. 49% of people what!???
4.  There is a city in This STATE that banners children from living there because they take their retirement community very serious….
Florida?  South Carolina? Arizona?
Children are banned from living in Sun City, Arizona, because they take being a retirement community VERY seriously.  Kids are allowed to visit their grandparents, but only for nine days max.
5. COLE SWINDELL got a nasty-looking black eye over the Memorial Day weekend.  from what??
Got hit in the face?  Fell on a Coffee Table? or head butted by his dog? 
Word is he either fell and HIT a coffee table, or fell FROM a coffee table.
Ashley’s Text Trivia:
There is way too much of this in the United States right now…because prices dropped to import it from Europe last year.  CHEESE!!!!!