Better Beat Jackson & Ashley’s Text Trivia 5-20-16

1.Blake Shelton album is out today what is the name of it? 

     “if Im honest”  “lets be honest”  Honesty is the best Policy”


2.A new study found the average person is so stressed that they only relax for this long a day…36 minutes a day.  

3.we make an average of this many mistakes at work a week because we are tired?   three mistakes

4.Who was on Ellen yesterday and went on a rant for 6 minutes uninterrupted?

TRUMP?  KANYE?  Howard Stern?


5.KIP MOORE says he’s seen the perfect headliner, and her name is MIRANDA LAMBERT? or CARRIE UNDERWOOD? 



Ashley’s Text Trivia: According to a new survey the most annoying things people do in your car are being a backseat driver…. but 5% of people say this…


Put your feet up on the Dashboard