1.Zack and Kelly from “Saved By the Bell” reunited for a double date last night . . . but it didn’t happen at The Max.  It was on her cooking show called..

Breakfast at Tiffanis?  Lunch At Tiffanis?  Or Dinner at Tiffanis?

DINNER (bc her real name is tiffani) 


 2.True or False? Def Leppard Met Students from a Deaf School Whose Mascot Is a Leopard = TRUE

3. You know what’s better than eating candy?  Eating candy with MORE candy stuffed inside.

 Who is stuffing more of their same candy INSIDE?

Snickers?  Reeces? Skittles?

The people at Reese’s just confirmed they’re about to release a brand new Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup . . . that’s stuffed with mini Reese’s Pieces.

They’re going on sale in July. 

4. Miranda’s Boyfriend Anderson East has his new video to the song Devil In Me” and it shows him in bed with MIRANDA?? or  Another Lady?


5.SHARON OSBOURNE found out about OZZY’s affair by 

walking in on them?  checking his emails?  Seeing a Text?  



Ashley’s Text Trivia: A new Study shows that the majority of parents do not know when their kid does this… LIE