Better Beat Jackson & Ashley’s Text Trivia 5-10-16

1.According to a new study, the best city to start your career in is

 Salt Lake City . . .  Detroit…Or  Minnapolis
2. OZZY OZBOURNE and his Wife Sharon are now splitting up… what Talk show is She on?
3.A guy in Florida accidentally shot himself in the arm on Thursday, but he didn’t realize it until three days later when?
he changed his shirt  . . . when he took a shower.
Changed Shirt 
4.A new study out found that the more comments someone posts, the smarter they are or… DUMBER they are? DUMBER
5. Blake and Gwen Debuted they Duet last night on the Voice -“go ahead and break my heart”
Did they write the song or did someone else?
America has voted and this turns out ot be the majority favorite chain restaurant? Cheesecake Factory