1. True or False today is TAKE YOUR KID TO WORK DAY!!!


​2. Which Country Artist just shaved their beard and if freaked them out?

Zac Brown?  Chris Stapleton? Brett Eldridge?


3. There is a list of the best cities to be lazy in… and the top two are in which state? Alabama?  Florida?  North Carolina?


1. Boca Raton

2. Orlando


4.  A new survey found the hardest things about being a mom.  all of these are in the top ten but which one is NUMBER 1?

1.  Balancing a career with being a mother.****

3.  Disciplining the kids.

4.  Forgetting to take care of yourself.

Which is a bigger generation?  Baby Boomers?  or Millennials

5.  Millennials are now the biggest generation . . . they just passed the baby boomers.  There are 75.4 million people between 18 and 34 right now versus 74.9 million people between 51 and 69.


Ashley’s Text Trivia: #1 Thing we do everyday that causes wrinkles… SQUINT