Better Beat Jackson & Ashley’s Text Trivia 4-27-16

1. You may work 40 hours a week but Researchers found our brains can only really function at peak levels at work for how many hours a week??? about 25 hours a week.  After that, the quality of your work declines REALLY quickly.


2.  If you make it to the top of Mount Everest, you’ll be standing in both Nepal and Where? bc the border between them goes right through the peak

Bangladesh?  China? India?

China.  The border between them goes right through the peak.
 3. A new study ranked all 50 states by how obsessed they are with gambling. Did Wisconsin come in the top 5 states obsessed with gambling? Yes or NO? NO
 Nevada . . . South Dakota . . . Mississippi . . . Montana . . . Oklahoma . . (we are actually in the bottom of the list of states that are NOT obsessed with it)
4. CHRIS STAPLETON had to cancel his show last night in California because of what?
Because He Lost his Voice?   Chipped his Tooth?  Kid is sick and his wife is out of town?
lost his voice and had to cancel last night’s show in Santa Barbara, California.  He apologized to his fans on social media on Monday, and promised to find a makeup date
5.    A Burger King employee in Florida just stole alot of sausage and BISCUITS a few weeks ago.  And he told the cops it was to pay off DRUG debts.
How much money worth of Sausage and Biscuits did he steal?
Ashley’s Text Trivia: 

Most dogs hate when you do this…

Apparently our dogs actually HATE it when we hug them.  Researchers found over 80% of dogs showed signs of being uncomfortable or stressed when their owners hugged them . . . only 7.6% seemed to like it.