Better Beat Jackson & Ashley’s Text Trivia -4-26-16

1. Crayola does not have crayon NAMED this color..

Pink, Teal, Orange?


Crayola has crayons called Carnation Pink, Pig Pink, Pink Sherbet, Pink Flamingo, and Tickle Me Pink . . . but not one that’s just regular old “Pink.”

 2. Bedbugs are drawn to certain colors so which color do you not want as your sheets?

BLACK?  RED?  WHITE? (black or red)

3. Did Prince have a will YES? Or NO?

NO – Did not have kids and his parents have passed so his fortune will go to his siblings

Kenny Chesney just did a surprise show for what?


Lambda Chi Alpha house at Auburn University.  One of the songs he did that night was “American Kids” 

5. What is the percent of people that would rather give up human interaction than the internet??  

15% would give up human interaction. 



Ashley’s Text Trivia: ​

35% of people would rather keep this than cure cancer….

the internet