Better Beat Jackson & Ashley’s Text Trivia 4-18-15

1- According to a new survey, the top spot we like to take selfless is where…

(3)Restaurants?  (1) Work? (1)Around the house?
 are everyday places, like work or around the house . . . restaurants . . . tourist destinations, out in nature . . . and concerts or sporting events.

​2- Do the Majority of people think that tattoos are a rebellious thing to do? yes or no? NO – 82% of ppl don’t think tattoos are rebellious any more.

3- According to a new survey, this place is the top city for grilling out!!!

Is it in the NORTH or in the SOUTH? 

SOUTH>>> Atlanta is the top city in America for grilling, followed by D.C.

4- BRANDY CLARK’s “Girl Next Door” song  has a line that says “Sorry I ain’t sorry that I ain’t your Marcia Brady.”  Marcia Brady of “The Brady Bunch” heard the song and is upset with the attention? or is a fan? FAN 


5-Brad Paisley and his wife both worry about this happening to them when they get older?

Arthritis? Dementia? Heart attack?
Dementia – it runs on both sides of their family.
Ashley’s Text Trivia: 72% of us say this is more acceptable than it was 10 years ago… Having tattoos