Better Beat Jackson & Ashley’s Text Trivia 4-15-16

Crayola has been owned by What company since 1984
Walmart  – Hallmark  – Levi’s since 1984.
The Kentucky Derby is coming May 7th which country group is singing the National Anthem?
Lady Antebellum    
Taylor swift now wants to learn how to do CPR, Change a tire and??? Learn how to
Make a good drink?   use Power tools? french braid her hair

Government officials just announced that people are legally required to visit their parents . . . and if they don’t, their parents can SUE THEM.  If that doesn’t work, the court can ruin your CREDIT SCORE.  What country is this happening in?

France?  Italy?  China

in Shanghai, China

Kip moore would like to spend a day at the beach with this lady..
Cindy Lauper?  Stevie Nicks?  or Bonnie Raitt?
1 out of 3 of us do this Same thing every year?  Go on the exact same vacation spot