Better Beat Jackson & Ashley’s Text Trivia 3-21-16

1-Reese Witherspoon recently celebrated her 40th Birthday on stage singing Sweet Home Alabama with who?

Tim McGraw? Keith Urban? Darius Rucker?
2- Cam will debut her new single “Mayday” Tonight for the first time on late night television.  Whose show? Jimmy Kimmels? or Fallons?

3-Her Majesty is what most call Queen Elizabeth but her great grandson Prince George calls her?

GAN GAN?  Gammy? or Grandma Grrrr

4-Last week we heard that Harrison Ford will be doing a 5th installment of Indiana Harrison afraid of snakes like Indiana Jones?
yes or no? NO
5-If Trump is elected for President…will his wife be the first -1st aldy to be born outside of the US?

1.  The only First Lady born outside of the U.S. was John Quincy Adams’ wife, Louisa Adams.  She was born in England.  (If Donald Trump is elected, Melania Trump would be the second.  She was born in Yugoslavia.)


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