Better Beat Jackson & Ashley’s Text Trivia 3-16-16

This is a lil dark… True or False at any given time there are 25-50 active serial Killers in the US! 


  And a serial killer is defined as someone who’s killed two or more people at different times.

 The average person spends five-and-a-half years and this amount of MONEY on Dating  before they meet the person they marry…
$20,276 on dating
Loretta Lynn was on Andy Cohen’s Watch what happens live…and talked about Willie Nelson and if she ever smoked with him Yes or NO?
She may have never done weed but on Andy’s Show they do Shotski’s Did Loretta Tip a shot back Yes or no?  NO to that too!
Ashley’s Text Trivia: The Worst Thing you can Lie about is… Being on Birth Control