Better Beat Jackson and Ashley’s Text Trivia 10-3-16

1. The only major American city founded by a woman was
 Miami FL.  Oconomowoc.WI   Boulder CO

2. One of these Floats and One of these Sinks…WHICH WAY IS IT?
Lemons float, but limes sink.  It’s because they have a very small difference in density . . . but it’s just enough to change what happens to them in water.
3.True or False Barbie is from a fake town in Wisconsin? TRUE called Willows, Wisconsin.
4.  According to a new study, the top city to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day is
Boston,  Did Madison make the top 10 place to celebrate Yes or no? YES
 2Buffalo, 3Omaha, 4Philly, 5. Pittsburgh. 6Tampa, Florida.  7.  Madison, Wisconsin.8.  Lincoln, Nebraska 9.  Gilbert, Arizona, 10.  St. Paul, Minnesota.

 5. True or False – Peyton Manning made more money in the NFL than any player in history?
TRUE Peyton made more than $248 million from playing football.  That’s more than any other player in NFL history.  Plus, “Forbes” says he’s made another $150 million off endorsements.


Ashley’s Text Trivia: 10% of people start doing this immediately in a new relationship but 9% wait over a year?

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