Better Beat Jackson & Ashley’s Text Trivia 3-1-16

Raelynn got married over the weekend and had 300 hundred guests attend her Nashville wedding and Blake and Gwen Stefani attended.  She also had quite a few Bridesmaids How many?

At the OScars… Chris Rock used that platform for his daughters to sell Girl Scout cookies
Which ones did Aaron Rodgers buy?
Thin Mints? Savannah Smiles (lemon) ? Tagalongs (pb patties) ?
Savannah Smiles
Speaking of those cookies how many boxes did they sell at the Oscars?
500 ​​
Did the Oscar Ratings hit a all time HIGH or LOW?
LOW-it was the third lowest viewership ever
Blake Shelton was criticized for a specific thing he wore at the Oscars?
His Boots? His ring? Or his Jeans?
Ashley’s Text Trivia-  A new survey fount out what the top life goal people wish they had done but haven’t what was the top thing?
Start their own Business