Better Beat Jackson & Ashley’s Text Trivia 2-29-16

1. Which FORMER Todays Q106 Storytellers jam artist got married over the weekend?

CAM?  RAELYNN?  of Drake White?
2. HAPPY LEAP DAY!  If you were born on Leap DAY Call us we would love to talk to you..

Leap year babies, are called what

Leaplings?  Leapers?  BDAY scam artists?


3. On LEAP DAY women can propose to men…where did this tradition start?

Austria? Norway? Ireland


4. True or False…in Scotland law is that today women can propose and if refused, the man had to pay a fine? True or False? FALSE but was true for many years

5. The most popular names by state just came out .. which state does Jackson come in first?
Florida?  Indiana? or Wyoming?
Ashley’s Text Trivia: One in four people have used a sick day to do this…Take care of a pet