Better Beat Jackson & Ashley’s Text Trivia 2-26-16

1. This Coming monday is is Feb 29th… also known as >>> LEAP DAY!!
2. Speaking of Leap day.. Which chain restaurant is going Vegetarian-ish for Leap Day?
They will offer Vegetarian menu along with their reg. menu
 – Subway – Milios – Arby’s​—ARBY”S

3. True  or False Their are NO States named after Presidents?

FALSE -Washington…the only state
4. Who saves more money on retirement ? Men or Women? Women
5. New York City has been named the City that never sleeps but which city gets the least amount of sleep?
Eugene, Oregon,   Florence Kentucky or Beloit Wisconsin
Ashley’s  Text Trivia: 61% of people think their lives would be better if they were what?  More Attractive