4:20 Conversation: Where Do You Lack Patience?

I’m an old play by play guy before getting into country radio. If you have spent any time with me, you’d know I have a way of seeing things before they happen. Those anticipation skills are most visible when I’m driving.

I’ve been described as having the patience of Job, but if you were to hear me drive, you would think, “There’s no way.”

Don’t get impatient while driving, don’t drive aggressively, Just freely and verbally (within the vehicle) admonish others on the road who don’t drive with a lot of tact. Never yell, just provide predictions and analysis of how other drivers aren’t very attentive.

It’s play by play of the road. Guess you could say I lack patience when it comes to others being selfish.

Where do you lack patience? Setbacks aren’t all bad, and sometimes our greatest ally in getting ahead.

How has a lack of patience cost you?