Friday Was Witch Hunting Season [Photos]

Friday was quite the adventure. After finishing the show for Super Dave at 1p, headed for Saint Louis. Normally it is a one tank of gas, 5 hours straight through drive. Have done it many times, and have pretty much every major landmark memorized by now.

There are some variations to make the drive a little more than 5 hours. Children, pets, hunger, pregnant wives etc., but if you don’t stop more than once, and there’s no major accidents or road work, you can still make the trip in 5 hours.

350 miles/75mph = 4.67 hours. Add a 15-20 minute stop, and you’re there in 5 every time. Not Friday.

Friday looked like Wizard of Oz witch hunting season. Instead of houses landing everywhere, it was semis. Which are pretty much the size of small houses.

Can thankfully report there were no major injuries, and the trip only took about an extra 90 minutes. As always, any trip that is injury free is a good trip.

The first picture is where the light pole blew over on the Yahara Bridge. The next pictures are a few of the 6 semis that had blown over along 39 from Rock County to La Salle/Peru area in Illinois. Some of the pictures look similar, but they are all of different trucks along the road trip.

What wind damage did you witness?

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