Love Movies, How Often Do You Go?

Love watching films. Could easily be identified as a cinephile, and yet, almost never go to the theater. You don’t have to point out how bizarre that is. Completely agree it makes zero sense. Especially when you consider I watch about every movie there is.

We’re not alone though. It’s not even the cost that keeps people away. Adjusted for inflation, movies cost about the same they did in 1980, but we’re not the same people we were 35 years ago, and the movie industry isn’t the same either.

There are so many movie options now, it becomes difficult cutting through the clutter to agree on what should be viewed in the theater.

Also, it used to take 9-12 months to wait for something in the theater to be released to VHS. Now, movies are at the Redbox within a few months of their theatrical release. It’s just more convenient to see movies at home, and finding the time away from the house has become more and more difficult.

Check out these stats.

How often do you go to the movies?