Better Beat Jackson & Ashley’s Text Trivia 2/9/16

1.  ARCHIE MANNING who is Peyton Mannings dad.  Comments about his son’s future in football.  Does he think he is done or that there is still more to see?says he thinks his son is “done in Denver,” and he “may be done everywhere.”

2.  46% of people wish their significant other was
more romantic. more independent.  more confident
More Romantic — And both men and women were equally likely to say that.
3. What day is tomorrow? Ash Wedsnesday
4.   1 out of 4 people will not let this kind of car in when stuck in traffic?
TRUCK, BMW, or  Porshe.    More than a quarter of people say they won’t wave a BMW in if they’re stuck in traffic
5.  People call today RED TUESDAY?  why is it because
Lots of flowers are sent on this day?  People wear RED the most this day?  or Ppl are dumped this day more than any other day?
Ashley’s Text Trivia:  What happens this day more than any other day? Getting Dumped!!!