Better Beat Jackson & Ashley’s Text Trivia 1-29-16

1. Barbie has released a new Group of gals.. Petitie… Tall and Curvy..along with the original one.
This is all because their sales have been down this much for the past three years, and they’re losing a lot of market share to Disney and Lego . . . so they need this to spark a big sales boost.
What percent has their sales been down?
2. Most people would or would NOT be insulted if their Future Husband or Wife asked them to sign a prenup? NOT be Offended.
A new survey found only one in five people would be insulted if their future husband or wife asked them to sign a prenup.  60% would be happy to sign one, and another 20% would consider it. 3. A new study figures out what is worse a New born baby or teenager?


4. The cost for a 30-second advertisement during Super Bowl I was $42,500. The same 30-second spot will cost how many million?  $5 million for Super Bowl 50.

5.  There are eight states that ban bars from having happy hour discounts: TRY AND NAME ONE  Alaska . . . Indiana . . . Massachusetts . . . North Carolina . . . Oklahoma . . . Rhode Island . . . Utah . . . and Vermont.
Ashley’s Text Trivia:  16% of people do this before they get married….Go to pre-marriage counseling