Better Beat Jackson & Ashley’s Text Trivia 1-27-16

Pro Football is still America’s Favorite sport what came in second?
Nascar? Major League Baseball? or College Football?
MLB then College Football then Nascar
 A new survey found the average person wakes up at 6:30 . . . leaves their house at 7:23 . . . but  isn’t FULLY ready to interact with people  until what time??
This City was the Capital of the US during the first two years George Washington was president?
NYC? Philadelphia? Richmond Virginia?
New York City was the capital of the U.S. during the first two years George Washington was president, and Philadelphia was the capital for the next six.
Carrie Underwood just had a Mobile swimming pool made to take on road with her?
True or False? FALsE but she did have a Mobile Gym made (no pool)
 Michael Jordan originally wanted to endorse this Company instead of Nike?
Adidas? Pumas?  ReeBok?
 Adidas, not Nike . . . but Adidas passed on signing him because the executives felt like he was too short to impress people.  He’s 6-foot-6, by the way . . . they wanted seven footers.
Ashley’s Text Trivia: this is the number 1 food to give you food poisoning… OYSTERS