Better Beat Jackson & Ashley’s Text Trivia 1-22-16

1. Chris Stapleton will be touring this summer and this Old Timer will be joining him.
Hank Williams Jr.  – Joe Diffie – or Kenny Rodgers
Hank Williams Jr
2. Number of Americans living past 100 is at a all time HIGH or LOW?
3. True or False People are the most attracted to someone who is the same height as them:??
4. People with Fitness Trackers are more happy or less happy?
Miranda lambert just showed on stage that she got a new tattoo because her 2015 Sucked so she and another band member got matching tattoos bc they both had crappy last year.
5. Where did they get the tattoo? Back of Neck? Forearm? Tramp Stamp
Ashley’s Text Trivia
Recent Survey found out when your 41 years old you are Too old for this…
Career Change