Better Beat Jackson & Ashley’s Text Trivia 1-21-16

1. The best countries in the world have been listed- people were asked to score countries on things like leadership, military, economic strength, culture, . The US came in at number 4
what was number 1?  Canada? Germany? United Kingdom:

1.    Germany
2.    Canada
3.    United Kingdom
4.    United States

2. No Matter How Many Facebook Friends You Have, There Are Only THIS MANY that you could count on in a crisis????  Four You Can Count on in a Crisis
 3. A new study found that men with beards have More or Less Bacteria then clean shaven guys>> beards actually have LESS bacteria than men who are clean shaven
4. A new study found out how much on average parents spend on 1 kids birthday party…(not including presents)
$450 on each birthday party  And that’s BEFORE they spend $250 on presents.
5. Madonna Was Over Two Hours Late to Her Nashville Concert . . . and this country star couldn’t Believe it and documented the whole thing on her instagram…
 Reba McEntire,  Kelsea Ballerini, Carrie Underwood?
Ashley’s Text Trivia:  81% of parents admit they do this to show off?  Spend a lot of money on their kids birthday