Better Beat Jackson & Ashley’s Text Trivia 1-18-16

Happy Martin Luther King Junior Day..
Was Martin Luther King his Given name? Yes or NO?
NO it was Michael Luther King..He changed it after his dad changed HIS name from Michael to Martin Luther in 1934

Country Singer.. Chris Stapleton Just performed where this weekend? 

Pre Party before Packer Game,  SNL,  In Nashville    (SNL)
True or False.. 
Steve Harvey’s Family Got death threats after the Miss Universe Fiasco? TRUE
Leonarod DiCaprio would like to portray this person in a movie?
Vladimir Putin?  Winston Churchill?  Hitler  (VLADIMIR)
The HUGE Netflix show Making a Murder… could do a second season? yes or no?
YES the Netflix Boss says they are considering it. 
Ashley’s Text Trivia: This took approximately 17 minutes?  MLK Speech!