Better Beat Jackson & Ashley’s Text Trivia 1-14-16


1. Luke Bryan Announced yesterday that he will add 5 Stadium Shows to his tour..

One stadium being Wrigley Field down in Chicago… Will this be his first time playing at a Baseball stadium? Yes or No?  YES First time!

2. Apparently the hot, new men’s grooming trend for 2016 is . . . 

looking like a SLOB,  wearing Short Shorts, or wearing overalls?

Looking like a slob

3. This city Renames a street in honor of David Bowie…

Austin Tx,  Las Vegas Nevada,  Janesville Wi —- AUSTIN

4. How old is the Oldest teacher in America? 102

  The oldest teacher in America is 102.  Her name is Agnes . . . she’s been teaching elementary school kids in northern New Jersey how to cook and sew since she was 81 . . . and she doesn’t plan to stop anytime soon.

5. True or False? The Wedding Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani recently attended…Gwen was HIT in the FACE with the bouquet? True or False? FALSE –She did catch it though
6% of people would do this for 1 Billion Dollars