4:20 Conversation: Are Roads Or Drivers Worse In Wisconsin?

Have been hearing many people lately complain about other drivers. Comedically, many times it’s a real case of “Takes one to know one.”

It’s true, there are many terrible drivers here and everywhere else in the world. According to science though, it might actually be the road’s fault, and not the driver.

Have noticed some pretty bizarre things on the road lately. While driving back and forth to Missouri over the holidays, noticed that Wisconsin is by far the worst at getting out of the left lane. Why is it so difficult to understand you speed up while in the left lane, get around the vehicle you’re passing, and then get out of the way of the cars approaching behind you?

Drivers in the south are much better about getting over than drivers in the north. You notice it most the farther south you travel through Illinois. Would say the cut off line is somewhere around Springfield, IL.

The other incident was just this week, and it was possibly somewhat road condition related. While getting off the east Belt Line to go north on Stoughton Road, there are 3 left turn lanes. Granted, the paint is very faded, so perhaps it wasn’t entirely the drivers fault, but the car in the left lane cut off the driver in the center lane. The driver in the center lane was able to avoid a sure collision, and while honking/signaling the driver that was cutting them off, and that they had left their lane, he was then promptly flipped off by multiple occupants of the offending vehicle. That’s the part that makes no sense to me. You’re cutting off the other driver, they honk to warn of the dangers of your actions, but then you flip them off?

What nutty driving story do you have?