Better Beat Jackson & Ashley’s Text Trivia 1-12-16

1. The Playboy Mansion is for sale for 200 Million…is Hugh Hefner married at this current moment? YES Or NO? YES!! Crystal Harris
2. Tennis Balls were originally this color?
Black? White? or Pink Balls?
 Tennis balls were originally white, but they officially switched to yellowish-green in 1972 so they’d show up better on TV.  Wimbledon kept on using white balls until 1986.
3. This State is having a budget crisis right now . . . they’re about $10 million short of where they need to be.  And their big plan to get out of trouble is . . . someone in the state winning the jackpot tomorrow.
Texas? Kansas? Or Florida?
 4. According to a new survey, the average person would pay this amount of money  to instantly drop 15 pounds
about $650
5. This Up and coming Country Artist just had 5 bras thrown up on stage to him..
Chris Young?  Jon Pardi? or Scotty McCreery

Ashley’s Text Trivia: The survey also found one in five people actually feel embarrassed if they ever have to do this…..  pay full price for something.