4:20 Conversation: How Would You Spend $800 Million? [Video]

PowerballIt was recently, and falsely rumored that Mark Zuckerberg was giving away $4.5 million to random people for sharing a status. We’re prepared to do better than twice that. You can have $10 million, and a hug if this ticket is the jackpot winner. If it isn’t the jackpot winner, you can still have a hug anytime you like.

How would you spend $800 million? It’s a real question. Honestly, how does anyone have enough time or energy to actually go through the process of spending $800 million. Based on the current way I spend money, it would take at least 10 lifetimes to spend it all.

That’s why I wouldn’t even try. If I won the Powerball, I would give away every penny after taxes. I’m not just saying that either. I would give every bit of it away, even if it takes the rest of my lifetime.

Having a ton of money is another blessing we can have in life, but I’m not short a single blessing by having no money. Truly hope no matter how much life altering money I make or win, it will in no way alter my life. Encourage you to count your blessings daily too.

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