Better Beat Jackson & Ashley’s Text Trivia 1-5-16

1. The Average Person Has Lost 90% of Their what in the past decade….

Friends,  Socks,  Social Security Card 

2. A new study found that when mommy kisses your boo boo… It Does or Does NOT actually heal the boo-boo?.   DOES NOT

3. There is a list of the The 10 Most Hungover Cities in America? Is there a Wisconsin City in that list?

4. What City…. Green Bay, Madison, or Milwaukee.  MILWAUKEE  (came in at number9)
5. Nashville has a Johnny Cash Museum – what is happening to it are they closing it or Expanding it?

Ashley’s Text Trivia: 

A new survey found the most common first world problems. 

1.  Having a runny nose.

2.  Getting a call from an unknown number and not knowing whether to answer.

What’s the number 3?

3.  Getting stuck on hold with customer service.