Better Beat Jackson and Ashley’s Text Trivia 12/28

1. This lady had animal right groups up in arms when she sported two Fur coats over the holidays…
Miranda Lambert?  Carrie Underwood? or Reba MIRANDA
2, What day does New Years EVE land on ? Thurs!

3. Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani got their sports on yesterday when they attended the Green Bay Packers and Arizona Cardinals football game.

4. Who were they rooting for? Arizona or GB— ARIZONA!?!

Speaking of Green Bay game —what was the final Score!


5. Who is the latest Athlete that is rumored to be doping?  

Aaron Rodgers? Peyton Manning? Drew Breese?

Peyton Manning


Ashley’s Text Trivia: IN the Past 15years this has been a better investment than gold? Legos