4:20 Conversation: Top Gift For Christmas Is…

…niceness or hugs. Would gladly give everyone a hug, but sometimes people don’t like being touched, especially by ogres.

Lately, it seems a lot of people have been grumpy this season. Asked a lady with only 2 items if she’d like to go ahead of me in the check out line, and of course she accepts, but manages to walk past without saying “thank you,” or sharing a look of, “that’s right you should let me go ahead of you.”

Was walking into another store to return an item, and another lady shoved right in front of me at customer service. Said to her, “Merry Christmas! Pleasure to meet you.”

The point isn’t to out people who are acting rudely, it’s to show that even when you’re tired, stressed, busy, and most likely hungry, you can always be nice to others. It really requires nothing to do so.

This Christmas, put others first, say “thank you,” smile as much as possible, and if you can get away with it, give lots of hugs. Do it so much that nobody notices that others aren’t doing it at all.