4:20 Conversation: How Long Should A Wedding Toast Be?

Do we have wedding toasts backward?


Went to another wedding over the weekend, and both speeches by the Maid and Matron of Honor were over in like 30 seconds. Both girls were approaching the level of over served, so they said a couple words, and then it was, “Everybody raise your glass to the couple.” BOOM! Over, and the party was moving.

Then, comes the Best Man who about two and a half minutes into a 12 minute speech warns everyone that he’s probably going to ramble for a while. He also said he stayed sober, so he could give a proper speech. Apparently proper equals 12 minutes. Who knew? Perhaps he should have followed the drinking lead of the girls?

He said some really nice things in the speech, but it was 12 minutes! By the time we got to, “Raise your glass to the couple,” nothing but empty glasses remained.

When it comes to toasts, always follow the rule of the 3 Gets: Get in, Get out, Get ’em drunk

How long should a wedding toast be?